About company
FORMA LLC is one of the leading gas stations advertising equipment suppliers, we also supply materials for the advertising products manufacture.

Over the years we have gained an extensive experience in materials supplies from China. Our partners are reliable manufacturers of metals, plastics, electronics and other groups of materials.

First of all, in our projects we direct our team expertise for achievement of business tasks and the market success of our clients. Our priority is the effective execution of the client's request on time and on the most favorable terms.

Unified computer-aided design system in collaboration with production facilities allows us to innovate and complete large-scale projects for global companies in the oil and gas sector and the automotive industry.
When developing products, FORMA Team use materials that are guaranteed to be relevant for the next 10 years and can be easily reformatted.

The headquarters is located in Belarus. We successfully realize projects in Romania, Georgia, the Baltic States
and India.
Our projects
Hindustan Petroleum
Corporate identity and stele design for Hindustan Petroleum gas stations. Our company has developed products for Hindustan Petroleum, a leading state-owned corporation in India, which have no analogues in terms of technological
and operational characteristics in the Indian market.
Forma LLC has carried out extensive work to develop a new corporate identity for the Royal Petrol retail chain. Royal Petrol LLP is the largest network of modern gas stations in Almaty and Almaty region, which today consists of more than 70 gas stations.
Royal Petrol
In 2012, the rebranding of the network was launched, within the framework of which work was carried out to build Rompetrol filling stations in an updated style and re-equip the operating filling stations.

Cooperation with the Rompetrol Company is one of the brightest examples of participation in the development of the brand: from the development of the chain's corporate identity and the construction of pilot facilities.
Alexela Oil
Among the main prerequisites for updating the corporate identity of Alexela Oil was the intensification of competition, including the entry of one of the global brands into the Estonian fuel retail market. In 2018, after acquiring a local filling station network, Alexela Oil became the largest filling station network in Estonia.
In 2017, we upgraded the Gulf Georgia gas station network. The main task was to update the appearance of Gulf Georgia gas stations on the local market, in accordance with the specifications and quality standards of the global Gulf trademark.
At the end of 2019, we became the exclusive supplier of RVI kits for QAZAQ OIL for 3 years. Our team, relying on world experience in the field of standardization of advertising design, has developed a new corporate identity of the QAZAQ OIL brand, this includes the exterior and interior of the gas station. In 2022, we successfully completed the gas station network renovation program.
Qazaq Oil
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